The Arizona Pork Council (APC) is excited to offer $100 Classroom Cooking Grants to give teachers the opportunity to bring pork into the classroom. The APC Pork Council has awarded 30 $100 Grants for the 2022-2023 School Year.

Grant Requirements:
• Funds must be used to purchase pork to be used in the classroom.
• Must use a minimum of one of the Pork in the Classroom Lessons with your students OR other pork/pig lesson.
• Must complete pork lesson and activities in the 2022-2023 School Year
• Must submit your Final Grant Report by May 12, 2023

• Final Reports must be completed no later than May 12 ,2023
• You must submit a receipt for your pork purchase and a minimum of 3 pictures of your lesson/students working with pork.
Final Report Template
• Submit reports to

Lessons and Resources:
Pork in the Classroom Lessons can be found in a google drive folder.
Additional Lessons can be found in the National Ag in the Classroom Curriculum Matrix



Every individual throughout the pork supply chain has a role in building and maintaining trust in the industry. From facility owners to animal caretakers to drivers who transport hogs, everyone has the responsibility to do his or her part to demonstrate a commitment to responsible pork production. This begins with a pledge to uphold a core set of ethical principles. These principles make clear the industry’s values in food safety, animal well-being, worker safety, community outreach and protection of both the environment and public health.

  • The Arizona Pork Council is pleased to announce the Swine Project Starter Grant. This Grant was developed to allow individuals an opportunity to participate within the swine industry. $500 will be awarded to 20 youth participating in their 1st Swine Project to be used towards the purchase of their pig. There will be 2 Grant Cycles to accommodate both Spring and Fall Fairs.
  • Grant Cycle 1 will accept applications from October 1st through December 31st. This grant cycle is intended for youth who will be participating in Spring Fairs. Grant recipients will be announced January 20th.
  • Grant Cycle 2 will accept applications from March through May. The cycle is intended for youth who will be participating in Fall Fairs. Grant recipients will be announced June 9th.Grant

Youth participating in a Swine Project for the first time in 2023 are eligible.

To Apply –

Questions? Send an email to

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