Arizona Pork’s Carbon Footprint: A Light Step!

By Julie Murphree, Arizona Pork Council Representative


Safeguarding the environment is important to Arizona’s pork farmers. They work to steward their land for future generations. In fact, 95% of Arizona farms and ranches are family owned with many 4th, 5th, and 6th generation farm and ranch families.


As a result, protecting resources is a priority because these Arizona farm families’ livelihoods depend on protecting their soil, land acreage and water.


Besides regularly improving their bottom line as a business (another element of sustainability) through technology, farm families look for ways to improve and protect the environment. According to the National Pork Board’s research, in the past six decades, America and Arizona’s pig farmers have reduced the pork industry’s environmental footprint by using …


  • 9% less land
  • 1 % less water
  • 7% less energy
  • 7% fewer carbon emissions


As a result of all these measures to reduce their carbon footprint, pork production accounts for less than .3% of greenhouse gas emissions.


Work continues to adopt practices that improve productivity and enhance sustainability. And for every advancement, we’ll have an even better environment for us all to enjoy.